Arlington County Law and Windgate Pet Rules
It is the Arlington County Leash Law & the Windgate III Pet Rule to keep your dogs on a leash when on the common grounds/in the community (WGII, WGIII & Heatherlea and everywhere you take your pet in Arlington County).
We are trying to keep everyone safe and prevent an accident/injury. There was a recent dog biting incident in the Neighborhood (NOT ON WGII/III or Heatherlea); however, it happened.
You must follow the Arlington County Leash Law and Windgate III Pet Rules when on the common grounds. We are trying to keep the pet owners, residents, mail carriers, guests, and children safe. For example, a resident witnessed a dog owner with their pet off leash on the WGII & III sidewalk almost cause a horrific accident because the off leashed dog ran into traffic. The cars running up/down the street had to brake to miss the dog and owner. 
KEEP YOUR DOGS ON A LEASH.  You are welcome to take them to the dog park and let them run off leash.