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Broadcast Notices

Broadcast Notices and associated documents can be found here:
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Date Content (click on orange content link to open .pdf document) Assoc.Docs
7/26/18 Annual Meeting Results, Stair Replacement Committee Embedded
8/10/18 Verizon FiOS Installation Requirements for 1BR, 2 BR, and Townhouse Units  
8/16/18 Community Feedback Survey - Deadline September 5th  
9/7/18 Annual Pooch Paddle - September 16th  
9/14/18 WUW - Verizon, Pooch Paddle, Stairs, Landscaping, Feedback Survey Charter
9/28/18 WUW - Verizon, Stairs, Feedback Results, Social, Maintenance, Map, Dog Stations
10/13/18 Fall Newsletter - July - August - September Update  
10/27/18 WUW - Halloween, Landscaping, Feedback Results, Holiday Social, Bulk Trash  
11/1/18 Alert:Scam Payment Request - Verizon  
11/11/18 WUW - Lights Survey, Roofs, Pole Lights, Holiday Social, Bikes, Common Areas  
11/26/18 2019 Budget Letter    
12/7/18 Important Announcement - New Onsite Operations Liaison  
12/12/18 Major Announcement - Gina Spellman  
12/22/18 Winter Newsletter-October-November-December Update  
1/6/19 WUW - Stair Cleaning, Landscaping, Communication, Railings,Training Event  
1/21/19 WUW - Snow Contract/Consideration, Ice Melt, Training Event Outcome  
2/25/19 WUW - Snow Event, Vendor Survey, Stairs, Pipe Jetting, RFP, Parking, FHA    
3/31/19 Spring Newsletter-January-February-March Update  
4/1/19 Balcony Cleaning Notice
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4/21/19 WUW - Vendor Survey, Balcony Cleaning, Curb Paint, Comcast Boxes, Noise    
5/10/19 WUW - Balcony Cleaning, Spring Enhancements, Volunteers, Glass Spring Plantings
6/11/19 Response to Communications Complaint  
6/18/19 WUW - Trash, Yard Sale, Election, Landscaping, Mildew, Mosquitos, Drainage  
6/26/19 Community Wide Drainage Project  
7/1/19 Annual Meeting Instructions, Agenda, Proxy, Statement of Candidacy